Eyebag Treatment

Eyebags occur as a natural process of aging, although some individuals have eyebags/dark eye circles from a very young age.

Contrary to popular belief, eyebags can be satisfactorily treated using dermal fillers in a single sitting, and without having to resort to surgery or multiple sessions of expensive machine based treatments.

How it Works

At YVL Medical Aesthetics, we have performed over 1,000 cases of dermal filler injections to the under eye area, correcting eyebags, tear trough defects and under eye hollowing, restoring a youthful and natural appearance to our patients.

With our high volume of cases, we have developed our own methodology of injecting dermal fillers to the under eye area, utilizing a tri-compartmental approach to effectively fix most cases of eyebags and undereye defects.

What to Expect?

Dermal filler injection to the undereye area takes between 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the complexity of the case. 3 to 4 injection points will be required on each side, to facilitate tri-compartmental cannulation for the administration of dermal filler.

The injection points are infiltrated with local anaesthetic, and the overall procedure carries minimal discomfort. In fact several patients who are not anxious have actually dozed off during the procedure, and need to be woken up as the head has to be upright during the procedure.

Our doctor will require you to coordinate during the procedure and focus on designated points on the ceiling so as to accentuate defects over the under eye area. In our series of over a thousand cases, the main risk is bruising, and there are no documented cases of any major side effects like blindness.

After the procedure, one will immediately see the improvement, with the eyebag or under eye defect being largely corrected. There may be some swelling in the first few days after the procedure, but the under eye area is expected to appear normal and flow contiguously with the cheeks, and not appear unnatural, puffy or lumpy or having sausage like bumps -> commonly seen with conventional/traditional injection techniques.

Suitability for Treatment

Patients who are extremely anxious and fidgety are not good candidates for under eye dermal fillers, as the procedure involves extreme precision, whereby even an excess drop of filler may affect the cosmetic outcome. Patients need to be fully conscious throughout the procedure so as to coordinate with our doctor’s requirements.

In general, sunken eyebags due to previous eyebag surgery have the best cosmetic outcome, and bulging eyebags are generally tougher to fix. Most cases of bulging eyebags CAN be fixed with our method, but there are extremely severe cases which may only see 70% to 80% cosmetic improvement using dermal fillers.

Post-Treatment Matters

Immediately after the procedure, the needle marks (3 or more on each side normally) may appear like small white spots due the effects of local anaesthesia and adrenaline. This is expected to revert to normal after a few hours.

There may be slight swelling of the fillers in the next few days to come but the overall appearance is expected to be normal.

Bruising is the commonest side effect from the procedure. Most bruising occurs around the needle mark, are small and can be concealed with make-up the day after the procedure. Less commonly, bruising may appear as a large patch (looking like a punch to the eye) and this may require 2 weeks to completely subside. It is also normally not concealable by make-up.


This is a simple procedure with minimal downtime and normally only 1ml of dermal filler is required. The results are almost immediate, and our injection methodology with a 27G cannula has minimal discomfort.

Dermal fillers are expected to last between 6 to 12 months but very often the results may last longer due to slower absorption in the under eye area. Due to the delicate nature of the under eye area, at least 1 top-up session may be required to optimize the cosmetic results.

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