Unhappy with Some Previous Treatment?

Dis-satisfaction from aesthetic procedures or cosmetic surgeries is common.

Botox/Dysport are commonly used for masseter muscle reduction (commonly referred to as jaw reduction). Sometimes this may result in a ‘gaunt’ look due to wasting of the muscles and hollowing over the areas where the muscle is supposed to be. This condition is correctable with fillers on a temporary basis whilst awaiting the muscles to recover over a 6 month period.

Dermal HA fillers are commonly performed on the face to augment various features, and the common complaints include:

  • Asymmetry or deviation
    (cheeks/nasolabial folds/chin/nose)
  • Unevenness
  • Broadening of fillers
  • Unnatural look
    (eyebags/under eye area)

Unsatisfactory results arising from HA filler injections are entirely correctable. In a nutshell, we dissolve HA fillers where they are excessive and inject new HA fillers where there is insufficient filler. We frequently help patients with corrective augmentation after initial attempts at augmentation elsewhere.

Liposuction with facial fat graft, nose implants, and chin implants are common surgeries performed regionally for cosmetic reasons. Minor deviation/tilt of the implants or unevenness of the fat transfer area are common and may be easily correctable with filler injections, circumventing the need for repeat surgery.

Complication Management

All fillers can cause a delayed immunological reaction known as a foreign body granuloma (reported incidence varies from 0.04% to 0.2%), occurring weeks to years after the initial injection.

This presents with the sudden appearance of firm/hard lumps which may/may not be painful or red, over areas which have had prior filler injections.

We manage such cases with a combination of modalities.

We also manage threadlifting complications like thread puckering, thread extrusion, thread infection and including removal of threads for both nose and face threads.


Removal of Non-absorbing Fillers

Many patients may have had PAAG fillers injected to various parts of their body, including their face. This is a non-absorbing filler which may require removal for cosmetic/medical reasons.

Whilst surgical removal is the traditional option, many patients opt not to go under the knife.

For patients who opt out of surgery, we combine various energy-based modalities like ultrasound or radiofrequency with cannulation and aspiration of the softened PAAG fillers.

Standard HA fillers are supposed to be absorbed over time, however, it sometimes doesn’t for a variety of reasons. Again, such cases can be managed without surgery.

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